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Graduates Honored for Earning Degree

April 3, 2013

Park City, KS (April 3 2013) – Students completing the 74-week John Deere Career Partnership Program, received Associate of Applied Science Degrees, in John Deere Construction & Forestry Technology. The graduation ceremony and recognition dinner took place on March 15, 2013, at Southeast Community College, in Milford, NE. The program is designed to prepare students for trouble-shooting and repair of construction equipment. Each graduate is guaranteed job placement at one of Murphy Tractor’s 28 locations.

“Congratulations to our graduates, we welcome them to the Murphy Tractor team. As machine technology continues to advance, so does the John Deere Construction and Forestry Technician training program. The newly acquired skills of graduates will be a great addition to our team of nearly 200 Technicians. We are proud of each graduate on their success in completing the rigorous program,” said Richard Fawson, General Service Manager, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc.

Graduates and sponsoring dealerships included:

•Logan Dailey – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Great Bend, KS
•Chuck Hansen – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Fort Dodge, IA
•Owen Saner – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., North Platte, NE
•Luke Lininger – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Springfield, MO
•Tyler Jones – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Kansas City, MO
•Alex Conley – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Lincoln, NE
•David Hayhurst – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Canton, OH
•Tony Tanner – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Topeka, KS
•Chase Nilsen – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Grand Island, NE
•Matt Haaland – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Des Moines, IA
•Brady McMahan – Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., Sioux City, IA

“After more than a decade of partnership with Southeast Community College and John Deere, we find ourselves in a unique position compared to our competition. Murphy Tractor has been blessed with a consistent flow of incoming John Deere Certified Technicians that feed the growth of our service departments. Keith Tempel (instructor) and Bill Vocasek (Program Chair), of SCC, have proven to be an extremely valuable part of our success, and deserve many thanks for their relentless support. The Company retains over 80% of the graduates: this speaks to the high quality of training Keith and Bill provide,” said Scott Dickey, General Service Specialist, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc.

Murphy Tractor and Equipment Co., Inc., one of John Deere’s largest North American construction equipment dealer organizations, is headquartered in Park City, KS. The organization has 28 locations throughout the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nebraska. For more information about Murphy Tractor and the John Deere Partnership Program, go to, career page.

*Photo 1: Graduates of the program with huge smiles on their faces! L to R: Logan Dailey, Chuck Hansen, Owen Saner, Luke Lininger, Tyler Jones, Alex Conley, David Hayhurst, Tony Tanner, Chase Nilsen, Matt Haaland & Brady McMahan.

*Photo 2: Four students received Murphy Tractor logo jackets for achieving perfect attendance throughout the program.
L to R: Owen Sanner, Tyler Jones, Matt Haaland & David Hayhurst.

*Photo 3: Graduates were honored with a reception, dinner and plaques for their accomplishments.

*Photo 4(L to R): Keith Tempel, Instructor & Bill Vocasek, Program Chair, both from Southeast Community College, located in Milford, NE.

*Photo 5: Scott Dickey, General Service Specialist, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc.

*Photo 6 (L to R): Tyler Jones, program graduate & Keith Tempel, Instructor, Southeast Community College.


Students pose in a line with their degrees. Four students pose for graduation. Recent graduates attend ceremony. Speaker addresses graduation crowd. Student grins at graduation reception. Students smile for graduation ceremony.

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